It can change your Life complety

It can change your Life complety

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What is Smart Energy?

There are energy drinks, and now there''s a Smart Energy drink! Which would you rather have?

AFL recommends:

Bios Life E not only provides the energy you need-but is actually good for you! Low sugar, no synthetic caffeine, and ingredients that boost your energy, mental clarity, and much more!

What will you get from Smart Energy?

A boost in energy!
No sudden jittery spike in energy and then an abrupt drop off here, Bios Life provides a reliable, sustained increase in energy that lasts for three to four hours before slowly dissipating. What other energy drinks fail to recognize is that our brains consume more energy than any other organ in our bodies. Bios Life E provdes the energy that our bodies and our brains need to continue functioning at peak levels. Now, that''s smart energy!

Amplified mental clarity!
The matcha in Bios Life E offers something more than just raw energy. There’s a very unique amino acid, found only in green teas, called L-theanine. This amino acid is found in particularly high amounts in matcha, and has a powerful calming, peaceful effect—we experience a “relaxed energy.” Studies have shown that L-theanine significantly increases the output of alpha waves in our brain. Alpha waves are responsible for the deep, peaceful, calm feeling that we get from meditation, yoga, and deep relaxation.

Super antioxidants
Why is it when you’re tired and stressed is the time that you usually get sick? That’s exactly when you need reinforcements to boost your immune system—and Bios Life E gives you a double dose of the cavalry to the rescue. Ingredients not found in any other energy drink—matcha tea blended with resveratrol, pomegranate, and blueberry all fight to keep you healthy and strong.

Balanced electrolytes
Being tired and wearing ourselves out leads to an electrolyte imbalance. Our body must contain a proper electrolyte balance inside and outside of our cells, so our cells can properly transport water to and from our body’s major systems. When our electrolytes are imbalanced, we don’t function at peak levels. Bios Life E contains just the right combination of potassium, magnesium, and sodium to keep us balanced and feeling good.

Metabolism on turbo drive
Not only do the ingredients in Bios Life E give you energy, mental stamina, and antioxidants, they also increase our bodies’ basal metabolic rate—that’s the rate at which energy is used for the basic functions of breathing, pumping blood, and more. This increase is referred to as thermogenic effect—Bios Life E assists us burn fat by helping the body burn more calories during day-to-day life. Bios Life E also gives us the energy we need to get back on our exercise routines, to eat right, and pass on the fattening snacks.

How can we power you today?

Bios Life E provides the nutrients that you need to function for hours at peak levels. Now, that’s smart energy!