The Secret to Legendary Abs Diet And Weight Loss Online

The Secret to Legendary Abs  Diet And Weight Loss Online

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Legendary abs sounds like the hero in historical romances. Pirates, dukes, knights – they all have sexy, tight abs in Kathleen Woodiwiss’ tales. Or at least, in the covers of her paperbacks. There’s more to getting abs than girlish dreams and an author’s literary imaginings, though. Medieval warriors like King Leonidas in 300 didn’t have the things we have today that inevitably spell a world of difference.

But wait! What didn’t they have? Let’s do a short list, shall we?

They didn’t have fast-food junk then. Fast-food, instant food – everything fast and quick are contemporary conventions. Heavily processed food loses a lot of their original nutrient content in processing. Even if they’re supposedly “fortified,” synthetic substitutes are never as good as the real thing.  So while legendary abs came as a natural result to the Spartan warriors thanks to their daily swordplay and natural eating habits, it’s an elusive dream for the coffee-gulping, pizza-eating, gizmo geek who sits in front of his desk eight hours a day.They didn’t have video games then. For amusement and entertainment, children ran and played. They wrestled; they fought. They sang and danced; they moved around a lot. Unless they’ve fallen ill, medieval characters almost never stay still. They did most of their living outside of the house, in the great outdoors. You would, too, if you didn’t have CNN, ESPN or an Xbox that keeps you glued to the couch all day.

If you already eat right but don’t lift a finger beyond lifting your briefcase every morning, you could be at your ideal weight. But would you have your ideal body with the curves showing where they ought to? Perhaps not. According to The Truth About Abs, it takes more than proper diet to get fit.

Take a clue from the ancient models of great beauty. The Greeks championed marathons and the Olympic Games. This tells you physical activity is a huge part of this ancient civilization. That’s the big secret to legendary abs – you eat right, live right, and most importantly, move right.

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