The Truth About Using Electrolysis For Hair Removal Fast, Easy Weight Loss

The Truth About Using Electrolysis For Hair Removal  Fast, Easy Weight Loss

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The Truth About Using Electrolysis For Hair Removal

The process of removing unwanted hair can include various methods and produce various results. Shaving removes hair from the surface and lasts a day or two, waxing basically rips the hair out from the root and lasts anywhere from a week to a month, plucking is self-explanatory and lasts about as long as waxing and electrolysis uses electricity to remove the hair and kill the hair follicle to halt further hair growth. Is it true that Electrology stops further hair growth? Is it true that it is a painless procedure? Is it safe and effective? These questions can really only be answered by each individual as the results of electrolysis are different depending on the person having it done.

Does it keep hair from growing back? The electrical current that is shot into the hair follicle with the little needle in the electrolysis process can kill the hair follicle and stop hair growth over time. Sometimes this takes a couple of years, sometimes 4 or 5 years and sometimes there are hairs that continue to grow no matter what you have done. This procedure must be performed by a trained professional using the proper equipment and properly performing it in order to get satisfactory results. If the procedure is not done properly the risk of permanent damage to the skin and/or an infection is possible. When done properly the risk is very minimal.

Is this method painless or at least almost painless? The answer to that question is determined by the individual having it done and their threshold of pain. Depending on your threshold of pain it can range from a tingling sensation to outright ouch pain. The newest equipment used in this hair removal method provides much less pain and discomfort than older equipment. If you are concerned with the pain factor you can have the trained practitioner apply a topical anesthetic to reduce the pain and discomfort to a level that is tolerable. Technically, electrolysis is not completely painless but the level of pain or discomfort is dependent on each individual.

Is this procedure safe and effective for hair removal? This question is easy to answer. Yes, electrolysis when performed properly is very safe and very effective for hair removal. It is so much so that this method is the only one with FDA approval. If you are looking for a more permanent hair removal method that is safe and works the best of all other methods then electrolysis is your method for hair removal.

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