Anxiety Physical Symptoms- Key Symptoms Revealed

Anxiety Physical Symptoms- Key Symptoms Revealed

All human beings go through anxiety moments periodically. However some people go through anxiety to such an extent that causes disruption to their lives. These anxiety / panic attacks are periods of intense fear. The intensity of fear is so powerful that the person feels that he / she is dying, about to fain, about to fall down, going crazy, or losing control. These attacks have several symptoms including the anxiety physical symptoms.As per reliable studies more than 90% of people with anxiety disorders can make good recovery if they get correct appropriate treatment. However only about 25% people get the correct anxiety /panic disorder treatment and hence the recovery rate of people with anxiety disorders is poor.

Panic / Anxiety attacks can occur in response to a specific situation like a crowded escalator, in a cinema theater, a traffic jam, looking down from the terrace of a high rise building etc. Panic attacks can also happen unexpectedly. But these attacks can be recognized by the symptoms like the anxiety physical symptoms.

The most appropriate anxiety disorder treatment is the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In this method you learn how to handle anxiety symptoms differently.

A basic step to develop an anxiety / panic attacks cure is to develop a detailed understanding of how an anxiety attack works. This will help in planning an appropriate recovery strategy.

Following are the broad symptoms of anxiety attacks:

Anxiety physical symptoms, thoughts symptoms, emotional symptoms and behavioral symptoms.

1. Anxiety physical symptoms will include sensations like chest pain, accelerated heartbeat, trouble breathing, tightness in the throat, shortness of breath, palpitations, tingling or numbness in the toes and fingers, stomach crams, Feeling of claustrophobia, Uncontrollable itching, Lightheadedness, dizziness, hot / cold flashes, trembling or shaking, exhaustion, feeling of physical weakness and choking among others.

2. The second anxiety symptom is on thoughts, where a person gets thoughts like – I am going to faint, I am going to fall down, I am dying and I am loosing control in a public place etc.

3. The third symptom is the emotional symptom, which includes factors like fear, depression, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, disgust, anger etc.

4. The fourth symptom is the behavioral symptom, which is basically about some specific behaviors that a person goes through that trigger the anxiety attack and finally building an attack.

By focusing on anxiety physical symptoms along with other symptoms like thoughts, emotional and behavioral, an appropriate recovery and avoidance strategy can be worked out.

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