Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review - Fat Loss 4 Idiots Beyond Calories

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review - Fat Loss 4 Idiots Beyond Calories

FatLoss4Idiots was developed by an internet entrepreneur Gilbert Rafael Fuentes in 2004. His interest in weight loss and burning body fats made him prepare such programs through which people can lose weight in minimum time by using natural food substances.

In this e-book he has given three diet plans for the people who want to lose their body fats. It contains various recipes for diet meals. You can choose whatever suits you best. Moreover, this program claims that you can lose 9 pounds in 11 days. For eight days you will follow the complete diet plan as prepared by Fuentes, and other three days (cheat days) you can eat anything.

Here we have provided few details regarding this product, that can help you in deciding whether to buy it or not.

It does not need any exercise or workout schedule

You have to follow structural meal plan

Through diet generator you can choose from 46 foods

It has a special section for vegetarians in which you can choose from 36 foods for your meals

You will get three cheat days after 11 days of strict diet, you can eat anything you want in these three days without limitations

You do not have to count calories or carbs before planning a meal

Increase your motivation through quick weight loss

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Beyond Calories Cons

Lack of accountability, it does not provide any king of guarantee for weight loss

It does not provide any assistance, you will not get answers for your queries

There is no money back guarantee, in case this program could not help you in losing weight

The claim of losing 9 pounds after 11 days is false

The recipes provided are actually just ingredients, you have to combine them together to make a recipe from them

Whatever weight you lose from this program is unsustainable, you will gain weight back after three days of unlimited eating

The package of Fat Loss 4 Idiots includes three e-books;

The Diet Generator – online application software with instructions and frequently asked questions

Diet Secrets handbook – an e-book with 45 pages in PDF format

Beyond Calories – e-book with 28 pages in PDF format

Fat Loss 4 Idiots provide a 3-month membership program that costs $56 dollars. Moreover if you do not buy Beyond Calories e-book than the whole package will cost $39 dollars.