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Naturally Healthy - Healthy Bones

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with all other parts of the body, our bones are constantly being

rebuilt, damaged areas repaired and faulty parts renewed. The less

than perfect bone areas are slowly dissolved into the blood stream,

(some of the minerals will be recycled), and new bone cells are

In 5 years, every bone cell in the spine will be renewed

8 to 15 years, even the bone cells in your thighbones are completely

This constant resorbing and renewal of bone cells is called "bone

The health of our bones is usually assessed by two characteristics:

their strength to be able to carry our body weight and everyday

their resilience and flexibility to take the impact of a fall or

Both of these properties are dependent on the density

until the age of 30, we are all laying down bone cells and increasing

bone density, that will have to last us for the rest of our life.

Men lay down approximately 30% more bone mass than women.

However, around 30, you have achieved your personal

maximum bone density - your body stops building bone density. This

is why it is vital that children, teenagers and young adults should

have a mineral rich, nutritional diet to give them peak bone density

30, although your body is still producing bone cells for repair,

old cells are wearing out faster than new ones can be produced and

your bone density begins to fall. Your bones lose their solidness

and little by little, begin to take on a honeycomb appearance, as

This is "osteoporosis". Smaller bones, such as fingers

and arms, will become thinner and are liable to break with the slightest

Both men and women suffer from a steady loss of bone

density in their 30''s, 40''s and 50''s, but at menopause, the sudden

drop in the production of the hormone oestrogen in women, accelerates

women in three, over 50 has an osteoporotic fracture and one man

However, its progress can be slowed considerably by diet, supplements

Your body constantly needs the minerals calcium, boron, magnesium,

germanium, and the vitamins A, C, D and E present in the right ratios

and in a highly absorbable form to form new bone cells.

liquid calcium and magnesium supplement for men and women

concerned with thinning bones and low bone strength.

Osteo Solutions contains 100% of the RDA of the most

potentially bioavailable forms of calcium – calcium

hydroxyapatite and calcium lactate, and 100% of the RDA

of vitamins C and D, and magnesium. Magnesium is specifically

included to support the body’s calcium absorption

potential, and the body’s enzymatic reactions, including

broad-spectrum blend of antioxidants that help in free

This botanic powerhouse combines white pine bark, maritime

pine bark, grape seed extract, curcuminoids, esterified

vitamin C, and natural vitamin E for

Ginkgo Biloba has been added to round out this powerful

antioxidant formula and support the circulatory system.

For More Information Revenol Antioxidant 60 tbts £26.35

Solutions is an organic submicroscopic microcolloidal

Packed with ionised, polarised electrolytes and organic

provides the best mineral bioavailability for your

For More Information Maximol Solutions (Raspberry)500ml £26.42 Maximol Classic 500ml (Unflavoured)500ml £26.42

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