Surprising and Historical Facts on Herbs for Health!

Surprising and Historical Facts on Herbs for Health!
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Have you ever wondered why all the buzz and fuss about these herbs for health?

Just what exactly is inside cynara, ginger, gingko biloba, milk thistle and hundreds of these natural wonders – and what good can they do for your body?

Herbs are fast becoming the safer alternative for conventional medicine and backed with proven tests and various high-quality clinical research, even science has to bow down to mother nature. They are just as effective as most of the drugs we are taking, with little or no side effects, and with more people cured from their diseases (something that the conventional way of treatment can only scratch their head about and wonder).

The ancient philosophers and herbalists such as Hippocrates suggested this path of herbs for health. Balancing one’s life and health with the use of herbs is naturally all it takes to get rid of many ailments such as the common cold – something that science has already given the “go signal”.

Did you know that Egyptian Pharaohs were entombed with a good selection of medicinal plants for their “after-life”? Herbs for health were extensively used as well by the Greeks and Romans and in effect, have developed one of the earliest systems of medicine.

If you look back in time, further to the east, the Chinese also developed alongside acupuncture, their form of herbal medicine. No wonder we have a good number of growing Chinese herbal drugstores in the west! The Indians as well, worked on what is now known as Ayurvedic medicine, covering many kinds of herbs for health.